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Hopping into Spring!


Winter has officially come and gone. We are so happy to put the snowy, cold weather behind us and bask in some sunshine! Let's take out our sunglasses and smell the flowers because SPRING HAS SPRUNG! PCC wants you to be ready for all the springtime fun, so we've created lists of all the spring activities and places to visit.


Speed-friending is officially fun!

We are proud to announce that Positive Community Connections received a 2024 grant from Real Transition Partners to host offical PB Academy Speed-friending game nights. We are so excited to share our lives, likes, stories and interests with all our new friends! 

PCC News Update

PCC Members had met for lunch at the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet in North Babylon. There was so much to choose from! From delicious sushi to classic Chinese food fare, the options were endless. Everything we tasted was finger-licking good. What is better than sharing a fantastic meal with friends? 

Members of Nassau Voice had started off their spring by making spring baskets for children in the pediatric ward at South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside, NY. Each basket included handmade flowers and activities that are sure to brighten up the faces of each child who will be receiving them. We are so proud of the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into these baskets. Way to go Nassau Voice!

What can we say? We had another SUCCESSFUL Speed Friending Meetup!!!!! We had such a great time getting to know new people. Participants learned about their peers' favorite hobbies and shared some laughs. We wanted to give a BIG PCC THANK YOU to our friends at the Barry and Florence JCC in Oceanside for co-hosting this event at your space. We can't wait to work with you in the near future. And to Positive Behavior Academy for creating such a way to meet new people.

PCC members had a blast teaming up and engaging in a laser tag battle! We showed teamwork and good sportsmanship during our laser tag play. Nice job, PCC members! The Arcade play to follow was awesome. Shooting hoops and driving motorcycles in video games was a blast. 

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