Sharin Borja- Executive Director 

Community Connector

Thomas Conklin-Nassau Community Connector

Thomas Conklin is an educator, and strong advocate, who has been working in the field of education and human services for over 25 years. Tom loves to advocate for individuals trying to better their lives and truly enjoys promoting a positive spirit amongst any group that he is a part of. Tom loves teaching Adult Continuing Education, and Transition to Work courses at a variety of Colleges and Universities across Long Island. Some of these colleges include Nassau Community College, LIU- CW Post campus, and Stony Brook University.

Setting up and organizing special meet ups within the community, running and supervising group activities, bringing people together for social activities is a true passion that Tom embraces. Seeing how others benefit from the collaborative efforts of those around him is what motivates him to continue to connect with others and produce positive happenings.It is with great hope that any individual joining  PCC will increase their enjoyment in life, feel included within their communities, expand their social circle, and have fun while doing so

  • Camille Lewis- Big Time Glee
  • Shelley Ourian- Big Time Glee
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  • Barbara O'Connor- Crafting Connection
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  • Bradley Gefter- Nassau Voice
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  • Daniel Elfawal- Yoga Without Boundaries
  • Lily Nguyen- Membership Coordinator
  • Marisa Ludwikowski- Social Media Coordinator
  • Hope Lefstein- Community Calendar Assistant
  • Tiffany Redmin- Office Staff Intern