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Winter is a special time of the year with woolen mits, mugs of coco, festive celebrations and twinkling lights. PCC wants you to be ready for all the frosty fun so we've created lists of winter activities you may want to join. 


PCC News Update
Speed Friending

Speed Friending was a great success!!!!!! Some members of PCC and some soon to be members, sat across from each other firing off questions read from the Speed Friending play cards. After sound signals were given periodically everyone rotated so that the participants had a chance to speak to everyone in attendance. What a great way to make some friends! We had pizza, treats, drinks and discussed upcoming events. Many asked questions about how to join PCC to become a member.


There were nothing but smiles and strikes at our latest Member Bowling Meetup! Members spent an afternoon bowling a couple of games at East Islip Lanes and had a ball! It was nice to see everyone bowl together and work as a team. Teamwork, really does make the dream work! We can't wait for our next bowling meetup in the future.

Hicks Nursery

The weather definetly didn't scream fall ( more like summer), but that didn't keep PCC Members and Friends from enjoying some festive fall fun! We met Hicks Nursery's resident friendly ghost, Otto and walked through his interactive Halloween Story.  The group was able to find their way through a huge corn maze and taste some fall delights. A great time was had by all! 

Member Halloween

Our PCC Members Halloween Bash was a howlling good time!!!  Members came dressed to spook.  From Witches to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kraft Mac and Cheese and Skeletons, we can honestly say that our members wore some of the best halloween costumes to date.  Everyone Monster Mashed the night away and conjured up a fantastic time.  We can't wait to see what next Halloween has to offer!

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