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Winter is a special time of the year with woolen mits, mugs of coco, festive celebrations and twinkling lights. PCC wants you to be ready for all the frosty fun so we've created lists of winter activities you may want to join. 


PCC News Update

Take me out to the ballgame! Our PCC members, families and friends (over 82 people) all headed to Ducks stadium this week to watch our favorite home team bat their way to victory. Full of cheer and patriotism our PCC singers opened the game with a riotious rendition of the National Anthem. From there it only got better! There was hotdogs, high flying homeruns, a dancing Duck, a quacking quacker and PCC buttons! This was truly a night to remember and a game for the books! 


Ahoy Matties! Our PCC pirates went on a wild adventure to the Port of Jefferson where they followed me map on a quest for treasure! They completed harrowing tasks and found landmarks to lead them on their way. "X" marked the spot and our pirates found thier glittering reward! May the sea keep you, until we sail again!

-August 28, 2023

Everyone needs a chance to SHINE! Our PCC Glitter Bingo Meetup was the perfect opportunity! Thanks to our friends at Touchstone Crystal our members had the chance to win some amazing jewelry prizes while they danced, sang and played. Horizontal, Vertical and every which way this event was full of laughs, fun and winning connections. 

Members of PCC attended an amazing event called Movie by Moonlight at the Syosset-Woodbury Community Park Thursday July 20th. The movie if the night was the Princess and the Frog.  As a part of the pre movie festivities Princess Tiana took photos with members of the audience as well as performed on stage singing a few songs from the movie’s soundtrack.

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