Syosset Resource Fair

Jon, Tom, and Cheyleann spread the good word of PCC at the SEPTA Resource Fair in Syosset. This took place at Robbin’s Lane Elementary school, and was the first of its kind in this district. We were very thankful for the opportunity to be part of this event. Our team was able to talk about PCC and its mission. They were also able to interact with  those who had approached our table, answering questions about our various meetups and intiatives.

Dinner Dance 2023

Oh what a night!!!!  to call our 10th Annual Family Dinner Dance at the Stonebridge Country Club, a great success is truly a huge understatement! Members, friends and families came together to celebrate the individuals that allow us to do what we love to do, YOU!!!!!!  We danced, sang and laughed the evening away.  Big gifts were raffled off and so many selfies were taken. Our Glee and Nassau Voice members  performed for us.

music and movement

It was an awesome day of exercising, stretching, and fun music and movement with Marisa, instructor and owner of NY FIT 4 ALL. We broke a sweat and had fun in doing so at the Nesting Place in Merrick. We used ribbons, shakers, and tambourines while moving about. Great job to those who attended. Thank you Marisa, you are a terrific instructor!

Speed Friending

Speed Friending was a great success!!!!!! Some members of PCC and some soon to be members, sat across from each other firing off questions read from the Speed Friending play cards. After sound signals were given periodically everyone rotated so that the participants had a chance to speak to everyone in attendance. What a great way to make some friends! We had pizza, treats, drinks and discussed upcoming events. Many asked questions about how to join PCC to become a member.

Hicks Nursery

The weather definetly didn't scream fall ( more like summer), but that didn't keep PCC Members and Friends from enjoying some festive fall fun! We met Hicks Nursery's resident friendly ghost, Otto and walked through his interactive Halloween Story.  The group was able to find their way through a huge corn maze and taste some fall delights. A great time was had by all! 

Member Halloween

Our PCC Members Halloween Bash was a howlling good time!!!  Members came dressed to spook.  From Witches to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kraft Mac and Cheese and Skeletons, we can honestly say that our members wore some of the best halloween costumes to date.  Everyone Monster Mashed the night away and conjured up a fantastic time.  We can't wait to see what next Halloween has to offer!

haunted stories

PCC Members and Friends had a wicked good time at our Haunted Stories Meetup.  Everyone enjoyed getting the opportunity to check out some impressive, but not too scary, scarecrows.  We were impressed by all of the hard work and creativity that was put into each one.  At sunset, with devish treats in hand, we listened to some haunted and scary, ghost stories.  We were spooked but not that spooked! It was a great way to gear up for Halloween! 

Friday the 13th was a well attended PCC Nassau Meetup! Not only did a whole bunch of PCC members attend, decked out in their cool costumes but we had many friends join us as well! It is a very good possibility that we will be having some new PCC members sign up after that fun event. The venue NXT Level in Bethpage was especially decorated for our party and it was creepy cool! We had costumes such as Mario of Mario Bros, a cowgirl, Superman, the Grinch, and so much more!


Members enjoyed an afternoon of nothing but throwback arcade games, at Game on Retro Arcade.  The arcade had everything from old school Pac Man to Donkey Kong.  Players showed each game who was boss and had a blast.  Everyone showed some very impressive skills and didn't want the fun to end. 

summer memories

PCC had a truly "Sizzling Summer" full of hot fun and good times. From hunting for lost pirate treasure, to cheering our favorite DUCKS baseball team, floating down the Peconic River and shining at our Glitter Bingo Meetup, our PCC members had a summer to remember! We made great memories and even better friends.

This summer brought the HEAT and now we can't wait for the fall CHILL!!!!