Puzzle Break

Our first Puzzlebreak Escape Room  fundraiser was a great success! We had over thirty people attend and raised approximately $500, more than doubling our financial goal! Most importantly, this event reached our Nassau participants, businesses and community members! 

It was a fun and exciting challenge that exemplified the spirit of self-determination!

Thank you for your support! A special thanks goes to Marisa, our PCC Nassau Community Connector, for planning and leading this event. She did a fabulous job, working tirelessly to ensure the event was successful and fun! Also, thanks to Jen Stanley, Robin Rosenberg and Ellen Rogers for the support and creative help!

This Puzzlebreak event is just the beginning. We have so many great fundraisers planned for 2020 including our PCC Golf-Outing, Applebee’s Flapjack Breakfast and Cosplay My Way events (to name a few). We value your support and appreciate every hour you give volunteering. Please let us know if you want to be more involved. We are always looking for creative ideas and helping hands!