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Seasons of Fun!

Summer is the season of heat, scorching sand, coconut sunblock and melted ice cream. To celebrate our hottest season, PCC has gathered the best of Long Island's cool summer fun. Let your sizzling summer begin! 

Visit our revamped Seasons of Fun section on our website's homepage and check out the lists we compiled for your sizzling summer fun needs!

Speed-friending is officially fun!

We are proud to announce that Positive Community Connections received a 2024 grant from Real Transition Partners to host offical PB Academy Speed-friending game nights. We are so excited to share our lives, likes, stories and interests with all our new friends! 

PCC News Update

Our PCC Members welcomed in the first days of spring by hiking the beautiful grounds of the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. The grounds of this historic Long Island manor is home the hundreds of species of trees and plants. Surrounded by the Connetquot River, waterfowl, turtles and the occasional happy human can be found floating around its shores!!

This was the perfect meetup to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

head over heels collage

Members of PCC enjoyed a theatrical experience this past weekend Sat 3/11/23 attending “Head Over Heels” at the Madison theater on the campus of Molloy College. Fun things are happening in Nassau for PCC and new members such as Carolyn are taking advantage of these cool meetups. Carolyn was spotted dancing during this musical “Head Over Heels” that featured the music of The Go-Gos and all female new wave/pop rock band front the 80s! Until the next one!

suff game night

What's better then a night with good friends, delicious crepes and gaming adventures?

Our PCC members had so much fun during our Suffolk Game Night at the Crazy Crepe Cafe in Lake Ronkonkoma. We played some of our favorite board games like Jenga, Sorry and Uno while munching on crepe creations stuffed with sweet goodness! There was big laughs during our group games as our members danced and wiggled through funny competitions and charades.



Do you have a passion for music? Maybe you're a creative spirit with a love for crafting? If so, PCC might have the perfect job for you!

We are looking to hire an alternate leader for our Glee and Crafting Connection initiatives. This per diem position will allow you to be part of the PCC team, supporting the Self-Directed community, while maintaining a light and fun work schedule. 

Experience with the Self-Directed community is a must!

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