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Hopping into Spring!


Winter has officially come and gone. We are so happy to put the snowy, cold weather behind us and bask in some sunshine! Let's take out our sunglasses and smell the flowers because SPRING HAS SPRUNG! PCC wants you to be ready for all the springtime fun, so we've created lists of all the spring activities and places to visit.


Speed-friending is officially fun!

We are proud to announce that Positive Community Connections received a 2024 grant from Real Transition Partners to host offical PB Academy Speed-friending game nights. We are so excited to share our lives, likes, stories and interests with all our new friends! 

PCC News Update

What an incredible night of CELEBRATION! 

There are so many great reasons to become a Positive Community Connections member. From monthly initiatives, to social meetups, community outreach events and more. As a member you have access to all the fun and support that we offer. 

What a day at Cedar Creek
Park in Seaford. On Thursday May 25th members of PCC got together at
the park and had a fierce kickball game with the NY Matt’s edging out
Tony’s team 6-5. Great sportsmanship and efforts by both teams. After
eating our packed meals we played lawn games such as frisbee, ladder
toss, and cornhole! Everyone socialized and had fun, relaxing time on
a beautiful Spring evening. Great meet up PCC and great attendance as

chicken and waffles

This past Sunday, the members of PCC had a fun meetup at Waffle Chic in Lynbrook. Yes, another Nassau meet up for our members to gather and enjoy! Yummy dishes like apple pie a la mode, fried chicken, or vegan shrimp, all served with warm fresh waffles. All were very tasty!! Jadia, the lone chef/worker was a bit overwhelmed by our turn out, although, was a lovely individual to our group.

PCC at the Jigsaw Run, Commack Septa and Strides for Autism Pride events

PCC recognizes that our local communities play a huge role in providing support resources for Self-Directed individual and their families. Our goal is to celebrate these communities, strengthen their bonds with our participants and create a network of support. With that in mind PCC was proud to take part in three incredible community resource and fundraising events this April. 

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