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Publishing VS Self-Publishing

A ​Virtual Seminar

Next Seminar: 11/12/21

7:30PM EST

​Poets and Authors frequently hear a ton of information about what the best publishing path is. So many have questions, and with so much conflicting information out there it is often hard to navigate it all. Is traditional publishing still the way to go, despite the shifts and changes in the last 15 years? Or is self-publishing a better option? Does this matter by genre, or book size, and is there a way to make use of both? The publishers of Local Gems Press go over all of this.

In This Seminar You Will Learn:

~ The Pros and Cons of Publishing and Self-Publishing

Both sides have benefits and depending on what type of author you are, one could fit you better than the other. ​Find out the procedures involved in publishing vs self-publishing.

~ How Publishing Has Changed In The Last 20 Years

The internet and print-on-demand options changed the entire industry, find out how, where things are going, and how many more options have been opened up.

~How Some Famous Authors Decide Which Route To Go

Some famous authors stick with traditional publishers, while others opt for self-publishing, find out what makes these famous authors choose which options and how you might consider the choice for yourself.

~ Where The Money Is In Both Options

There is money to be made in both options, but the models are very different for several reasons. We explore where the paydays are in depth in both traditional publishing and self-publishing.

and much more...

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