Happy New Year

Dear PCC participants, families, staff, friends and our supporters,

As we find our way into the 2021 new year, we wanted to reflect on the year that has passed.  While 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges to all of us, we are grateful to our participants, their families and staff for their resilience and for entrusting us to redesign our activities into a virtual format to maintain your routine during these tumultuous times. 

Moving forward, we are committed to creating new opportunities and options for you to fully integrate in your communities.  Please know that it's YOU who we have in mind.  Your strength, commitment and your will to thrive in your communities motivates us to continue our mission which is to empower you to make your own life choices and succeed where you live, work and play.  

In that spirit, the PCC Board of Directors would like to wish you a year full of health, courage and renewed hope.  Let us all remember to be kind and supportive of each other.  We look forward to seeing you at our initiatives and events.

Tal Ourian, Board Chair

and the PCC Board of Directors