Happy Holidays

Dear PCC participants, families, friends, staff and our supporters;


As we welcome the holiday season and the new year, we would like to wish each one of you a happy and healthy holiday and a great 2022 full of new hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. Your strength and commitment to PCC empowers us to fulfill our commitment to you. We had big hopes and goals for 2021. Some of them were achieved and some we will keep working on, but the best part was getting to see you all again in person!!! As we move forward, please be assured that our PCC family is here to help you with support, advice, advocacy and a variety of our own initiatives.


Enjoy your families and friends this holiday. We are looking forward to continue serving you in the new year and seeing you at our events.  Please consider joining our membership which will give you access to all of our initiatives, special member-only events and more,  Let us all remember to be kind and supportive of each other. 


On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors,

Tal Ourian  -  Chair